28 Feb

Permaculture Experience Program

Block 1 of the volunteer experience. The main theme is ‘Spring Preparation’. Some of the things you will learn/practice are: preparing garden beds, compost making, working with biodynamic calendar, Basic plumbing/irrigation, water heaters (solar and rocket stove), fence making, Soap making and natural cosmetics, working with basic 12v systems, Creating wildlife corridors, natural cleaning products, preserving food, processing herbs.

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24 Jan

‘Ajudada’-Wood Mission

We need helping hands for 2 days of woodland work. We have organised local professionals with chain saws, but need folk willing to help pull trees and help with mulching.

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04 Aug

Introduction to Natural Building: August

This 8 day experience is a wonderful way to gain skills in natural building. No previous building experience required. The cost is 450E for early birds. You will learn about: Gravel Foundation, french drainage and stem wall with gravel bags, Strawbale walls, Adobe bricks and light earth slabs, Wattle and daub walls, Cob with glass bottles and cordwood, Earth and lime plasters, Lime-wash painting with natural pigments.

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Rena Andersen

I learned a lot new items about soap…. that was really surprising to me….And Marcia and Eric are a fantastic “team”….. their knowledge, their interaction, their patience…..
I just loved to BE in the atmosphere they were creating! A cosy afternoon with a lot of joy and learning!
Rena Andersen

Judith Lehtann

The Mount of Oaks for me is the lovely people and animals, good conversations, tranquility, beautiful nature, delicious food and learning new things (especially about natural building)
5 star experience, well actually a 5 heart experience!!!

Maxi Riemi

I did really enjoy my time at the Mount of Oaks!
Emma, Barbara, Marcia and Eric are very lovely, open-minded and sincere people who gave me a warm welcome and made sure I was comfortable.