Way of Life

Whether you arrive when we are picking olives, sowing or harvesting vegetables, building with natural materials, or if you come specifically for a workshop, course, or a retreat – chances are that you will be warmly welcomed.

The main goal of the project is to create a safe space for people to engage with themselves at a deep level in the tranquillity of the countryside. We seek to offer mild solutions to those suffering from everyday stress and depression by encouraging a connection with nature and simple living in the midst of a living community, based on mutual respect and openness of heart.

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Our locally sourced food is nutritious to both the body and the soul. When you visit you will observe the simple daily rhythms of work and rest, cooking and cleaning – the basics of living. Beyond that there are many activities that happen here. The list below might give you a taste of the variety that is available:

CARING FOR THE LAND that includes pruning trees, planting trees, propagating plants, preparing irrigation, working in the garden to prepare beds or sowing seeds in the polytunnel-our aim is to feed the soil with good organic matter so we have healthy soil and, therefore, healthy nutritious food.

CARING FOR ANIMALS that includes collecting eggs from the chickens, feeding the worms and giving affection to our cats and dogs.


OFFERING OUR KNOWLEDGE …  In the past we ran PDCs (Permaclture Design Courses), but now we welcome people who would like to come and help, visit or experience a real life community project based on permaculture principles that are learned on a daily basis. We also run workshops on Natural Building, ways of preserving and transforming garden products, wild and healing plants.


OFFERING SPACE TO OTHERS we offer our space for our Associates who would like to run courses or workshops that agree with our aims. School groups and scout groups are also welcome for day or camping trips. We welcome suggestions.

CARING FOR EACH OTHER that includes a space for reflection, prayer, singing, stretching and listening.  Creating a hospitable experience is very important to us and we seek to practice a non-violent approach to life and communication with each other. We have friends who practice reflexology and other massage techniques for those who are interested or in need. We offer quiet spaces for contemplation and host gentle silent retreats.


CREATING AN ECO ECONOMY with products to trade, share or sell, we process medicinal or culinary herbs, make balms, cure olives for eating, and prepare vinegar or our olive oil to sell. We are involved in the promotion and growth of a sustainable approach to food production with a local group of producers and consumers. There are weekly Eco-Markets locally that we support and sell our produce at.


Snaps from instagram to give a sense of the daily life here!

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