Aqui Não! Local campaign against mining in Serra de Argemela

Yesterday a group of us went to a really well organised campaigning event in Fundao. The aim was to raise awareness of a local campaign to save the Serra de Argemela from further mining.

The ‘Aqui Não’ movement has gained support from the local authorities of Fundao and Covilha and a group of determined local ladies who keep the folk singing alive in the region.

The traditional singing group were present on stage and in the short film made to highlight the issue.

To watch the film ‘Black Mountain’ or know more about the campaign to save the mountain from mining’s follow this link:

It is worth a watch and the music is beautiful.

Tom G Hamilton has been a great support to this project, and is a great example of what a non-national can contribute into the local society!

To read more about the campaign check them group website


For more photos from the event yesterday – check this link