Call for an Organic Co-op?

There was an open call for a conversation about then possible setting up of a local organic co-op in the Teatro in Alpedrinha recently. Francisco Dinis and Richardo Carvalho hosted the meeting and Marcia Luz did a wonderful job of translating.

It was a really mixed group, with some people really wanting to move ahead with the project and others at the start of the journey, who came along to ask questions and find out more information.


The format used to hear opinions and feedback was the ‘World Cafe’ and three questions were worked with at smaller tables.The aim was to establish if there was a consumer need for the co-op structure.

The event had about 30 people, and we realised that there is more awareness raising to do at this stage.

It is only a year since the formation of the association ‘BioEco’ that we are a part of. In that year much as been achieved in terms of almost weekly organic markets in the area, lots of training courses, and workshops.

For many in this local movement, the next natural step is towards a sustainable business model for our local small scale farmers – and that is a co-operative….watch this space for more step by step developments!

In the meantime, the next market in Alpedrinha is 28th April – see you there!