End of an Era!

For those of you who are not aware, we would like to share our news about the ‘moving on’ of Marcia, Eric and little Samuel. Marcia and Eric came to live here, 2013, even before they were married (2014) with the intention of supporting the activities at the Mount of Oaks and trying out the experience of living in community.

Over these last years we have shared a significant journey together. And one I would like to honor in this blog post. These people grew, as did Barbara and I, through a wide range of great and not easy experiences. Being the living liturgy of ‘different, diverse but not divided.’

Over the years we shared our dreams, passions and skills….

We dreamed together

We worked together

We laughed and celebrated together

We welcomed the arrival of new life in the form of Samuel!

We grieved the passing of beloved Xico

And had a lot of fun in the process…

The amazing miracle – baby Samuel was conceived and came into the world – living these last 2 1/2 years in the home that Barbara designed and built together with Eric and a team of helpers!

WE ALL grew in terms of social and practical skills. Whether it was learning how to prune, plaster, produce, prioritise, praise and give praise…the list goes on.

And then in last summer it was becoming apparent that our lives and personal and social needs were actually taking us in different directions. The story of us deciding to part ways could be told so many ways – by each of us – as we each, realised our desires for a new living situation.

The place that Marcia and Eric were living, though beautiful did not have a separate room for Sami, and this was what he and the parents needed. Alongside this, the need for this little family to have more personal time and their OWN space was voiced.

We held some difficult conversations as we sat with uncertainty and dug deep to work out next steps, and then late November Marcia and Eric announced at our End of Season party that they would move on and look for somewhere for themselves.

Our final community meeting was a tearful, honest and joyful one. Without Barbara who was still travelling, Marcia, Eric and I sat and preformed our closing ritual, just days before they moved out of their straw bale home. Leaving no stone un-turned we spoke from the heart and because of how well we know each other, we were able to end with the commitment to keep growing in self reflection and love.

Happily installed in a beautiful apartment in Vale de Prazers (the village along the mountain from Alpedrinha) they are opening a new chapter for their married and family and business life! They want to develop their natural cosmetics, Marcia is taking a ‘doula’ course and Eric is teaching German in night classes in Covilha. SO their new chapter already is opening for them…

As for the land at the Mount of Oaks, Barbara and I have been discerning our common vision. Asking, what we are to host there? What still needs to be brought to birth? The spiritual space for pilgrims, passers-by, nomads and seeks to have a place to encounter themselves and the Divine in nature still is a strong call. A place of connection and simplicity….

We are taking the rest of the month to pray, fast, seek, dream and even make some huge steps towards this vision. So watch this space for more hopeful and exciting news to come!

For today, we want to conclude this blog with a  thank you to Marcia, Eric and Sami for all they brought of themselves to this piece of land over these last years. And thank God for endings, and new beginnings.