Fermentation Workshops

The world of probiotic foods and drinks was opened to us in the summer of 2017 as a result of a visit to Mount of Oaks by Dearbhla Reynolds and her family. The creator of The Cultured Club, author of Funky Ferments, Dearhbla gave a workshop that transformed how we viewed many of the fruits and veg we have growing in the garden!

Since then we have been experimenting monthly – having gatherings ( you can read a little about that here)

giving demonstrations of how to make a basic sauerkraut at local markets, and most recently, hosting workshops!

It is all very exciting and new for us, yet the world of fermenting foods is not new!

On 5th May we ran a really successful workshop at Mount of Oaks –  ‘3 fun ways to transform your foods’ 

And we will host a Kombucha Course 24th May with Rose Chandler…..

NEXT workshop is 9th June – follow this link to find out more…. We will learn how to transform several seasonal veggies/fruits into delicious drinks and krauts.