Fermenting Fun

The other weekend we had the most fantastic group workshop, learning and making delicious fermented food and drinks. We were a jolly bunch of Portuguese and ‘new locals’ having a laugh!

The fresh ingredients were sourced early morning at the local market from organic producers. This is Emma and her delicious harvest!

We started with a super introduction to the science of fermenting from Nicky Arnold, nutritionist and follow fermentor.

And then we began to chop…..

first the cabbage….then adding salt…

and then leaving to soften…

 We used a recipe for a classic Kimchi from Dearbhla Reynold’s superb book, ‘Funky Ferments’. We have been inspired by this lady and her approach to nutrition and life!

Then more preparation for the Kimchi…

Chatting all the while….Nicky guiding the workshop with instructions and laughter…..

Rinsing the excess salt from the kimchi….

Sharing stories and learning from precious experiences of either tasting Korean Kimchi. We were blessed to have Christine with us who had lived in South Korea explaining about traditional fermenting practices there.

Then to make the hot paste…..

And then the fun part of mixing all the ingredients together…

When it came to making the sour kraut, we decided to teach to make a classic recipe, again from Dearbhla’s book…..

After a scrummy break where we tried various delicious snacks, we continued with the making of a ginger bug – the necessary base for many of our fizzy drinks….

The ginger ale and the orange-ade went down a treat – a great way to end a super afternoon!

Many thanks to those who participated and brought enthusiasm, knowledge, feedback and warmth. Kirsty our amazing volunteer who took most of the pictures in this blog piece is also to be congratulated. Nicky guided us beautifully and we look forward to playing together again soon. Well done TEAM!!

It was a special day for me personally to have my mum present and is now an official convert to gut-healthy foods!

The next workshop will be 9th June – learning how to make 3 different recipes…here are the details….