Fermenting in the Sun

The first fermenting gathering at Mount of Oaks this year was a lovely experience for all who came along! Normally we are a bunch of women, chopping and chatting, getting excited about how delicious and nuturious our jars of joy will be in a few short weeks…..

….but on this occasion we were joined by Ian (in the picture above) and by cute little Dylan! Both were welcomed with open arms!

Beetroot Krauts, breakfast ferments, orange marmalade and a Moroccan carrot were some of the recipes that were produced.

2 new ladies came to the group, Bi, who has recently moved to the area, brought her adorable daughter and some milk kefir to share around, and Georgie with the most amazing tattoos!

Happy women, men and babies as we displayed our yummy jars at the end of the afternoon.

Looking forward to the next gathering!