Friends help to manage our forests!

We have some pretty huge mimosa trees growing at either end of the land and while they remain we cannot plant other trees around them. One of our main missions this month has been clearing and cutting, preparing posts and making wildlife corridors!

We had two days when we invited local friends to come and help out – we were so grateful for the professional skills and the joyful way that peeps interacted with the forests and eachother!

Many of the huge mimosa’s have been there for years – and some had become so big they were pretty dangerous!

Apart from the chain saws, we cleared and made huge piles of the tree tops – which we will bury with earth at a later date.

Of course, no work day is complete without a yummy lunch and a good old chinwag!

There will be a surplus of wood for keeping us warm next year, and lots of material to build temporary structures for shade in the summer. What a blessing the mimosa can be, as much as it is an invasive species!

As part of the design for the land, the forests are a really important source of material, home to birds and wildlife, fungi and a place where beautiful soil accumulates. We will be planting more trees, such as chestnut and oaks, and bushes such as strawberry tree in the Autumn.

For now, thanks to all those who helped!