Happy New Year!

On this the 2nd of January 2019, many greeting from the Mount of Oaks. Below are a few snaps from life here over the last weeks…. its has been lovely and quiet.

Barbara in Brazil, Marcia, Eric and Samuel with family in Germany – and me, Mum and the dogs enjoying the short days.

Fire has been a big theme, both inside and outside.

We enjoyed an early Solstice practice at Kalyana Nada – arriving in the mist to sit until the sun was up, a beautiful stretch and a cuppa thanks to Chloe and Nick

This season of then giving thanks for the beginning of the return of the sun was marked by mum and I decorating some rosemary branches from the garden with  Christmas decorations!

On Christmas eve we attended ‘Mid Night Mass’, which was actually at 11pm in Alpedrinha. The village was full of people enjoying the HUGE fire that was alight. And a group of the ‘new locals’ gathered to wish Linda (one of our dear associates) a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

In the days between Christmas and New Year a few fires have been lit, both inside and outside! Inside to keep lovely, cozy and warm – and outside with the help of Chloe, Anne, Rupert, Sarah, Danny and Johannas to clear a part of the top forest of mimosa.

As the light begins to return, here is what it looked like as it rose on New Year’s Day yesterday at the Mount of Oaks.

Happy New Year one and all.

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