Hosting Silence

The countdown has begun. Only 3 more weeks until we will host a mini weekend silent retreat at the Mount of Oaks. The land and the volunteers are preparing themselves for welcoming those who are opening for the beautiful, possibly new experience.

On our diverse spiritual journeys through life, there are times when it is important to create space for the soul to speak – and one of the ways we can get in touch with this connection is by taking time to retreat into nature, back to basics, slow down and listen to ourselves, through silent reflection. We all, no matter of religious or spiritual tradition, can appreciate the advantages of inviting more silent pauses into our busy lives.

Inviting silence is inviting a space within yourself to dialogue with thoughts and feelings as they arise and fall. Finding your own tools for self reflection and for spiritual growth is a life long process, but some find that writing, drawing or walking can help to distill and clarify. Whatever your personal practices are, they are welcome, as are you with whatever is going on at this stage of your life.

Folk who come along will be treated to lovingly prepared, light and nourishing meals to help with easy digestion. This is important so that the work of processing the internal dialogue can be supported gently.

It is amazing how the senses become heightened when we choose to quieten our external words….our taste buds can be more fully alive, we hear more intensely and often breath more fully. Since the farm where the Mount of Oaks is situated in the midst of other agricultural lands, the noises to be heard other than the birds, could be a little tractor, and the gingle/gangle of the local sheep and goats as they pasture head by.

Early morning walks on the Saturday and Sunday morning will be guided. This allows the participants to have a bearing on their surroundings if they wish to adventure out of the Mount of Oaks at other times in the weekend.

We have lovely spaces on the land where you can relax in a hammock, choose a rock to meditate on, find a tree to sit under to write or read…. All these choices are up to you. Our schedule is simple and includes the walking, morning and evening ritual, meals eaten together and all this surrounded and supported by the practice of silence.

Sleeping is in tents, unless you are planning on bringing you own little camper van. We encourage camping as for the duration of the weekend we can adapt our rythum to being as close to nature as possible. When we experience cloudless skies there is an amazing view of the Milky Way and an array of shooting stars in this season.

If you prefer not to sleep in a tent, we have the option of staying in our cute straw bale guest room with its comfortable double bed.

The beauty of stepping out of your ‘normal’ routine of daily life to choose to intentionally take time out to listen to your inner world can bring untold surprises. For those who have not encountered this before will be pleasantly surprised…. People who know me (Emma) will be aware that I am very fond of TALKING, and some find it difficult to imagine ME not only practicing silence, but hosting silent spaces! On a personal level I find it a great relief to allow my tongue to rest.  For me, a gentle practice of silence helps me to come deeper into connection with my body, my surroundings can be incredibly centering and balancing for all the other external work I want to do.

Practical details…

Welcome to arrive on the Thursday in order to settle in – however the beginning of the retreat will be 5pm Friday 31st, with an opening circle. We will end with a closing circle and sharing at 3pm – Sunday, followed by tea and healthy cakes!

The daily schedule will include various options – such as guided walks and yoga. Meals are eaten communally, and morning and evening nature based liturgies are encouraged, but still optional.

The suggested donation include all meals, optional yoga, guided walks and meditations:

Bring your own tent: 120€
Renting one of our tents – 160€ with (air mattress and bedding can be hired for 30€)
If you stay in our charming double bed room in strawbale house – 220€

Register by 24th August. To secure your place, transfer 50€ by 25th August.

Here is the booking form

The cut off for booking to join us is Friday 24th August – so if you are still planning on coming and haven’t registered, please do so by then. Feel free to get in contact, if you have questions pertaining to the mini retreat.

In gratitude, emma

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