Making Beds

It gets to a certain time of the year and the plants call to be attended to – its like in other seasons its the trees calling to us. When it comes that time for us to sow and transplant and prepare beds and trellises for tomatoes Barbara and I become really active.

This year it was Barbara who took a lead with the sowing and transplanting and she loved it – and so did I!

We fed the seedlings and the transplants with nutrient rich ‘worm pee’ from our production of worms that live happily in the polytunnel.

Here are snaps of some of the work we were up to….

Preparing plants to transplant – they were pretty big before we moved them to their new home – but they were happy in the end!!

And in the main garden more beds got filled with our tomatoes and peppers and chillis we grew from seed…

We had the help of Freddie and his friend Finn to make more new beds near the kitchen which we filled with compost and mulched….

The single chicken we have left, LOVES the compost!

So for now we have a little productive garden, but here are some images of some of the fruits we have already been eating and are looking forward to harvesting…

Many blessings to you all and thanks for taking time to follow our news!