Markets and Cooperation!

The last local market organised by BioEco association was again a huge success – with more people, especially people from the village coming along.

We had our stall there, selling our soaps, natural cosmetics, herbal teas and salts – and our sour krauts and fermented sauces…it was a great opportunity to let folks taste our produce and also get the news out about the up coming workshops.

What was exciting for the members of the association was that we got the official membership card. The work over the last years to develop this association have put in by an amazing group of visionary and practical people – big thanks to Francisco, Catarina and Ricardo in particular!

The markets are as much about the social space as it is about an economic space. Chance for catching up with friends – or making new contacts is a huge factor. Philosophy, education, the weather or the price of bread are some of the topics!!

This last market several of those who had attended the Democratic Economy conference at UBI chose the market as a place to gather to share feedback and to plan ‘what next’?! Out of these conversations came some really concrete suggestions – the open airing of a documentary in the local town in Portuguese about inspiring co-ops AND inviting along an association that supports the forming of new co-ops to find out more of the legal/social framework!

Not bad for a 30 min discussion facilitated in two languages!

What is also super about these markets is that there are a few people organising an activity for kids – this time it was Sandra and she was painting stones! Very creative and fun.

To be able to go along and buy delicious non-sprayed fruit and veg from your neighbours is a luxury – and one we hope will again become the norm. The movement for local, small scale farming in this small area of Portugal has the potential for being quite resiliant, dynamic and a model of cooperation – we are glad to be part of it!

The next market is 2nd June in Covilha (every first Saturday of the month), next market in Alpedrinha is 10th June (every second Sunday of the month).

To find out more about the BioEco association follow this linkĀ  The most exciting event coming up is a course in growing organic vegetables – 21-23rd June.