Migrants Welcome in Fundao

Recently the government minster responsible for migration came to Fundao to open the new department of the council who is working with the African refugees and the migrant population in the area.

Paula, Ana Teresa, Andera and Tania – what a great team of proactive citizens!

Most recently, last Saturday was the first of the gatherings under the banner ‘Mixed Talks’ and despite the short notice we were a group of 9 nations represented!

We began with a fun encounter discovering how we greet in our different cultures, we sat and had several rounds of interesting conversations.

Using some of the tools from the Art of Hosting methodology, we talked, listened, laughed and ate together. Some stories were not easy to witness, and others were lovely reflections on what it was like to live here in Fundao. Overall, the experience was heart opening as was reflected by a participant.

What came across strongly was the desire to meet again and open the circle wider to others who have moved to the region and are interested in cultural exchange.

Many thanks to the team now based in what was the Seminary in Fundao. These amazing women are pure pioneers of what an open welcome can draw to the region! I’m honored to work with them in developing this project!