Natural Building this summer

The same weekend as the fateful fires in the Pedrógão Grande and Figueiró dos Vinhos Figerios, Barbara began the second of her Natural Building Workshops on the edge of Pedrógão Grande.

It was a chaotic time for the participants and hosts, especially as one of the participants (Joey from ‘Qunita da Fonte’ Agro-Tourism) property was burned in the process of the fire.

However, they managed to continue despite the feeling of being in a ‘war zone’, with smoke around and the constant noise of helicopters and planes.

The techniques taught and practiced were; Foundations with Gravel bags (“Superadobe” technique), French Drainage, Strawbales, “Adobe” bricks and “Light Earth” slabs, “Wattle and Daub” walls, “Cob” with glass bottles and “Cordwood”, Earth and Lime Plasters and Lime-wash painting with Natural Pigments.

The third practical workshop is fully booked and will take place 26 August – 2 September. It will take place at Keela Yoga Farm with Kimberly and Laurence hosting. For the last weeks Barbara has been in consultation with them about their needs, and designed a space that meet those.

Participants are coming from as far as Hungry, as well as local who are interested in learning these techniques.

We wish the team all the very best for this course and project.

Dates are not yet set for 2018, but watch this space for details. Get in touch with Barbara at to purchase the manual that accompanies the workshop.