Nomadic Creative Residency

The Eye of the Wind comes when you least expect it – it soars over the mountain – to guide you on a different kind of path. A window into another world and a new way of seeing.

The eye of the wind will explore the threshold between our inner and outer worlds, the eyes of our soul and our creative ability to shape our own visions. Going deeper into the element of air – we will explore the journey of the spirit and the creative powers of our “eagle-vision”, the spirit that flies by our side.

During the current transition into the Aquarian age, we are slowly entering a time in which the ‘feminine’ is rebirthing a whole way of being. It is a time of coming into our intuitive wisdom, our authentic power – it is a humanitarian age with sister- and brotherhoods between all species and cultures. It is a time of moving from the ‘me’ to the ‘we’.

This gathering is about receiving messages to other dimensions and allowing nature to speak to us. Using the symbology of the winds as a messenger between humans and the spirit world – the channel between the personal and the transpersonal. The process will explore how we can tune our inner voice to guide the journey of our spirit within the landscape of current global perspectives.

In preparation for the autumn equinox, we will return to the magical planes of Mount of Oaks in Portugal. We will venture into the landscape channelling the messages that nature has to offer us – the sky people, the stone people, the river people, the plant people. We will explore these subtle bodies and the journey of the eagle spirit within us, watching from above as it weaves a tapestry that connects the sky with the waters, the mountains with the valleys. We will enter into a cross-pollination of elements, connecting to our animal selves.

This gathering will re-tune our minds and bodies, and help to carve out a new focused path within over-stimulated environments. It will assist you in finding methods of communicating with the more subtle dimensions of yourself stepping deeper into the mystery and the weaving of majestic weathers within and without

The Eye of the Wind will include daily creative practices alongside yoga, movement, meditation and sharing circles. Every day we will enter into processes of immersive group and individual workshops, with evening ceremonies and sound baths. The gathering will include one to one processes with plant medicine, astrology and movement.

The daily practices will journey deeper into:

The Air element as a gateway to relationships, the sister/brotherhood of all life, our mental vehicles and the creative power of thought. Ether element as a gateway to the relationship between the frontal mind (outer mind) and the higher mind, which is closely linked to the heart centre.

We will be exploring the master glands of the body, the pituitary and pineal glands. We will focus on breath work, entering deep into yogic practices of pranayama

Journeying through creative ceremonies and movement based explorations that allow a new listening to the whispers of our ancestors.

​”Without air no fire can burn, and unless earth and water are properly aerated seeds can not germinate, nor aquatic life exist. Air is related to thought and reason, which help the soul gradually to understand the laws of nature and to work in harmony with them, thereby increasing his comfort and well-being, and developing an appreciation for beauty.”

– Joan Hodgson

​Timeframes 4th -10th September 2019
4th Arrivals and opening evening ceremony
10th Shared breakfast and departures

We will be hosted by Mount of Oaks a wonderful permaculture community nestled within the Gardunha Mountains. Mount of Oaks is a beautiful place of convergence, micro-climate and refuge, within the district of Fundao, meaning Deep Place, The land, spaces and holding of Mount of Oaks is deeply special, enabling the work we will do together.

We will camp in a simple way in shared bell tents close to nature. This is very much part of the experience of returning to and becoming ensconced in the land. There are lovely compost toilets, wood and solar showers.

​Main body of learning
We are elemental beings. This retreat we will be held over the equinox. We will be focusing on dreaming, creating and nourishing the inner wisdom of our creative well. How tuning to the home within can expand creative potentials and energy for creative projects personally and within the community. The tools that are offered will facilitate you to find your own creative voice, how to enjoy it internally and how to grow this guidance into your own unique flow. Calling on embodied theories and processes from our practice and influenced by process-based psychology, dream work, nature healing and yogic philosophy.

What you bring
The retreat is hosted within a beautiful space with a small group of others. It is this that makes it special. Our gatherings are gently immersive, much like a sacred circle. There will be space for you to spend time alone, with others and bring your skills to the group.

Daily guide
– Each day we will build vital energy through nourishing morning and evening
processes of pranayama, yoga, movement, sound, and deep healing relaxation.
– Morning workshops will seed the intention for each day. Creating a space together to connect with our inner-selves.
– Afternoon process work will lead into a compost time of reflection, inner tuning and restoration. Allowing ourselves to vision new ideas and makings.
– We will creatively move and explore materials, gestures, images, archetypes and improvisation, individually and in groups. Each day will frame stories, sounds and circle sharing.
-Together these processes will cultivate a wonderful unique process of shared landing, to create and expand from.

​Course fees
Include workshop materials, 3 meals of organic food per day including delicious olives from the land, natural spring water and hot drinks.

£625 Full Price
£575 Early bird price before 21st June
£525 Limited concession price

We want to make our gatherings accessible and can offer a limited number of concessionary places. We are also happy to offer payment plans in which you pay the fee over a few months or over the course of the year,

To apply
Please email us at We will then send you a short application form.

Flights to Lisbon or Porto and from there travel to Alpedrinha or Fundao on bus or train from where transport will be arranged. We are happy to help with travel routes so do get in touch.

Some reflections from people who joined us for The Weavings of Dragons:

“I was struck by how carefully considered every word and action was on the yoruk. There seemed to be so much effort and care put into everything, it flowed so seamlessly and really felt like slipping into a magical realm. The ritual spaces and circles that were held stirred some kind of ancient memory inside me – Thank you. The oscillation between extremely profound and extremely playful moments was a wonder to experience and a great lesson for life! ” – Residency participant

“Every time I smell a blanket or a sweater I wore during our time together at the mount of oaks a deep calm and a fire-earthness light by an orange and a lemon comes over me. I am so grateful for our time together. For the insights into the other women’s emotions, hesitations and dreams. For our shared laughter and tears. Your and all our wisdom and the courage that emerges in this togethering. This time it has been a lot about accepting my own gifts, stars and foundations. The ancestors have moved to the background, i took center stage and fully enjoyed it. As last time I had met my dragon, this time the eagle came – literally: it followed my words, flew with me over the lake and called me to the oaks bearing its offspring. I feel blessed. And I love you and your work dearly.” – Residency participant

“Highlights of the experience for me were; the gong bath, getting to explore the land a bit more than last time, the food, sharing, the journey with oranges, fire circles, chanting and the honoring ceremony we did with the belly altars – that was incredible. I think beauty was a big part of it for me – the place, the materials, the faces of the other women. You both have such a gift for creating that timeless beauty within which it is a pleasure to enter whatever journey you propose.” – Residency participant