Organic Growth!

The local ‘bio market’ in Alpedrinha, organised by BioEco, was an utter success this month AGAIN! Due to the rain we were forced to change the location to inside…..

Despite the wet weather the conditions many people turned up to buy their local produce and take part in the fun atmosphere.

Entertainment was provided in two forms this time – live music by Neo…


And a live demonstration by a group of us interested in fermenting on how to make a basic sauerkraut. Nicky Arnold gave a lovely introduction to the art of fermenting, which Marcia translated into Portuguese….


Quite a large group took part – they brought or bought the ingredients for the sauerkraut at the market and then gathered around to ‘learn by doing’.

From our local group of fermenters, we had the help from Noya and Vanessa.

It was so much fun to chop and chat, answer questions about the process of transforming the ingredients, and laughing all the way!

The feedback was super positive and folks went away with new knowledge to practice at home. We used the opportunity to promote a workshop we will host – Sunday, 8th April in Alpedrinha – after the next Bio Market.

To register for this afternoon workshop – do so by 5th April by following this link

So, back to the market….as you will see from the following pictures there were a range of arts, crafts and natural cosmetics on sale, as well as the veggies….


Jeanette and Susanna made some scrummy foods to sell, so no one went hungry!

The next market will be 8th April in Alpedrinha

Many thanks to all who helped to make it a wonderful day!