Pilgrims Visit

Sebastian and Jens are in the process of walking the Portuguese ‘Caminho’, known as the via Lusitania – the ancient pilgrimage route from Southern Portugal that winds through the center of the country – passing VERY close to us, and joining up with more famous routes in Spain.

On this leg of the journey they walked to Soalheira, the village next to us famous for its good quality cheese. They were on a ‘religious holiday’ they said. They passed by and stayed a night with us in May.

May, a friend from England, a dear friend who came for the silent retreat and stayed on for her own reflection time was here too. Over dinner the 5 of us shared stories of faith and doubt, human questions and dreams for the future….

The next day the beautiful gentleman took time in the in Njango (our rest place by the pond) to practice their contemplation.

We dropped them in Castelo Novo where they carried on following the yellow and blue scallop shells, all the way to Celorico, north of Guarda.

We loved having these two Berlinners passby – seek shelter and food and continue walking their wild paths! This place is set aside made for such encounters of simple hospitality and welcome.