This year we will host 2 retreats into nature.

31st August – 2nd September (Silent Retreat)

This weekend silent retreat is for inner reflection, awakening, stretching, walking, swimming, reading and massage. You will eat balanced, delicious and local food, listen to frogs as you go to bed, be woken with wonderful light, and bathe in the beauty of the wild nature that surrounds us. The land of the Mount of Oaks has hosted countless people over the 11 years who have discovered depths of themselves through journeying at this place. You will be stepping where others have tread and welcomed back to yourself, either in the silence, or through a meaningful experience.

Welcome to get in touch to register interest.

Song of the Cave Residency/Creative Retreat

19th  – 24 September

In this 5-day gathering we will be working with our methods of ‘Handheld Knowledge’ to tune in to our inner wisdoms and elemental connections. By letting these wisdoms guide us individually and collectively, we will draw marginalised knowledge into the foreground and explore forgotten modes of social and environmental consciousness. We will work in deep and playful ways, with curiosity and improvisation, and with the concept of “householding” as a daily spiritual action that creates a circle of trust to support all of us in this magical journey.

Through this process we will re-position the relationship between the artist and the healer, delving into authentic expression, creativity and inner landscape. Entering the Cave of hearts, Cave of rest, Cave of shadows, Cave of light.

The structure will take inspiration from the flow of the seasonal cycle working with the archetypes of autumn, winter and renewal across Celtic and Eastern mythology. Allowing a deep connection to this fundamental cycle within us, in our lives as individuals and in our creative powers and listening within community.

Through the guidance of our unique seasonal cycle, we will explore ideas of material and etheric mapping, imbuing the landscape and ourselves with a series of new gestures and healing. Finding the inner truth and quality of our elemental nature to support the collective and individual explorations.

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