Soap Making at MoO

Another successful natural soap making workshop was held on the land, with Marcia and Eric facilitating.

The common space was set up with the intention and anticipation of a dynamic workshop – and it turned out to be just that!


This time 9 women, 6 Portuguese and 3 from other countries, but living locally.


Everyone learned how to make soap. There were various safety measures explained….

…and recipes shared…Marcia and Eric have been making soap for several years, so they shared their experience and enabled others to gain confidence in trying it out!

For the participants, the most FUN was actually making the soap – a basic recipe was shared, and then every person could choose what smell, colour or texture they wanted to add.

Provided were a range of essential oils, along with flowers and herbs from our garden or the land. One lady made a lavender soap, with essential oil and the dried flowers of lavender. Another experimented with a mint soap, using mint essential oil and adding spirulina for a green colour!

With the freedom to choose which soap they wanted to make, the ladies left very content with the workshop.

Here is the feedback from one of the participants Rena Andersen, living locally, but originally from Holland.

I really was looking forward to be at the soap-making workshop!
And it became a wonderful afternoon!
First an introduction of the soap”masters” Eric and Marcia….
I learned a lot new items about soap…. that was really surprising to me….
And Marcia and Eric are a fantastic “team”….. their knowledge, their interaction, their patience…..
I just loved to BE in the atmosphere they were creating!
Eric’s grandmother created a delicious cake….
And we…. 🙂 we created very nice soaps….. with all the attributes available…. (and that was quite a lot!)
A cosy afternoon with a lot of joy and learning!
Thanks to everybody attending this workshop!
And many thanks for MoO-team Marcia and Eric!



This workshop was fully booked, and it was the last for 2017. For details of 2018 agenda, check the ‘event’s’ page at the beginning of the year!