Retreat with a Difference!

We once again were delighted to host Eva and Isik from a creative initiative, Fourthland. They brought a group of beautiful artistic souls for a retreat entitled ‘Song of the Cave’ a part of a project called Yoruk.

During the five magical days that the ladies were holding space and leading workshops and rituals were special, for the participants and for us. We ensured that they were fed with supporting teas, foods and fruits from the gardens to aid their processes…

Processions of stunning humans and joyous sounds of laughter and singing errupted all over the land. And we could feel that some deep conversations and processes were happening…

We borrowed several bell tents locally from some dear friends and ‘homed’ the group inside their nomadic palaces!

And they used various parts of the land for various activities – the N’jango in the evenings, the common space for morning yoga and singing, and the big tent for processing their land art.

We gave a couple of workshops too – Marcia and Eric taught the ladies to make an activated charcoal soap, and the results were amazing! They went home with soap they made here with charcoal inside from special wood they had worked with here at the land.

We also gave a fermenting workshop and made together a scrummy kimchi recipe and a sourkraut from Dearbhla Reynolds book The Cultured Club called ‘The four Thieves’  The ladies really enjoyed harvesting the herbs from the garden as well at the massaging of the cabbage!!! Lots of laughs!!

Isik and Eva are incredible women – what else can we say?

The last words will be from one of the participants and her feedback from the experience…..

“Our time together nourished me so deeply, it planted so many seeds for my life journey, for the expansion of myself in the world. I came with the clear intention of being held, but I didn’t know what that looked like or felt like. I came with a veil on, not knowing what I was to see, but was met with the most beautiful humans I’ve ever met who held me and nurtured me in ways I never knew I could be open to. You have all changed me and held me, and I will carry the sacred journey with me everyday. I will carry the bravery it takes to open and be held, and the empathy it takes to hold, and create a nurturing space for myself and for everyone who is apart of my life path. Thank you for the gifts, I am honored to have shared this experience with you and learn from your ancient wisdom. – Residency participant

We look forward to the residency coming to visit in March 2019. More news about that in an upcoming post.