Kitchen Renovation

For those of you who have visited here, the common kitchen will be a familiar sight and the center of much of the activity on the land.

As it stands today, it is in much better shape than when Barbara, and a group of other pioneers found it in the winter of 2006!

Then it had a hole in the roof….Eddie was able to poke right through!

the floor was a mud bath and it needed a chimney…..which they made from an old oil drum banged by hammers into shape!

shelves and storage was improvised in the more creative ways….

All of those things were sorted and if you go look at the old blog posts from the ‘old’ blog, posts from the early days, you will find images of what it looked like in different seasons…..

However the NEWS is that we are working on renovating the inside and putting on a new roof! Work started last year, taking everything out, and make a temporary kitchen outside the building. Then the plastering of the walls, with cob, for which we had some french female help!

Barbara worked on many versions of the design for the inside – and came up with ones, she and we are happy with. Work on the roof will hopefully start next week.

The plan is to have a pantry area, as well as storage for bulk items, a sink inside and tiles on the floor! It will be a massive transformation for the space, and the uses it can have.

If you would like to contribute towards the costs of the building materials, please drop us a line, or follow the instructions here. We are using as much reclaimed materials, building with pallet wood for the doors of the cabinets (which Ba will make), and bits and bobs we have picked up on the way – however the wood we need to buy and the roofing materials are not cheap – so every little helps!

We will keep posting updates on the work to keep you up to date!

Thank you, much love, all at the Mount of Oaks!