In the public eye!

A few weeks ago we were interviewed by journalist Ana Cristina Perira for an article she wanted to write about ‘Sustainable Lives’. She and the photographer Paulo Pimenta joined us from Porto on a hot summer day.

The article was published this week in ‘Publico’ a well respected daily newspaper. We were surprised and amused at how our stories had been recalled. The headings would not have been our choice of words, but beyond that, the piece was fairly representative of our views and ideas.

It was surprisingly emotional to respond to deep questions about our philosophy, spirituality, economy and daily lives! We did most of the talking over lunch and then up at the N’jango beside the pond.

Ana was really interested to see where Samuel goes to creche, so she accompanied us to Alpedrinha, and then to the river beach at Castelo Novo to finish the day.

Since the publication of the article we have had a lot of welcome attention – several portuguese families are coming to camp for some days and others interested in our future events. So, in this case, the media attention has been really helpful.

Thank you Ana.

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