Perfect Imperfections

Kitchen Renovation – week 3

Turning to the interior of the kitchen these last 2 weeks has proved to be a most satisfying job! As you will see from the pictures that follow, work is coming on WELL – despite the rain outside and the storm that blew a fuse in some needed equipment!!

The arrival of volunteer, Rubi and his delightful dog Stella came at JUST THE RIGHT TIME! He turned up with the heart and the desire to help out.

The team of Barbara, Eric and Rubi have been working tirelessly….

Adding windows to bring more light into the kitchen….

Then the process of making the counters, starting with clay bricks….

There were funny moments when Stella (Rubi’s dog) sat in between the walls, as though she was in a kennel! Unfortunately didn’t capture that in a picture!

Then onto the first structure for the counter-tops…

Barbara coordinated the work with precision and the lads were a great help!

A great design idea was to construct a space specifically for our veggies – a handmade veggie rack…..

The rains continued to fall, heavily and persistently this week. We had several storms – during one storm a fuse blew on the Makita battery charger!! This is a really important piece of kit in our off-grid building projects!

Friends, Anne and Grant kindly allowed us to borrow theirs for a few days and boom, up and running again…

Storms were not going to slow this team down….next was the plastering with LIME!

In tricky positions even a practicised yogi would find difficult they balanced and plastered along to the sound of the rain…

By the end of the week, tools down, bodies aching, wine consumed – this is the result so far….

This is what Barbara calls, ‘Perfect Imperfections’. The lime already gives such a different feeling inside the building. It has made the place MUCH lighter and the feeling is earthy and natural.

Further updates to come…..but remember if you want to take part in one of Barbara’s natural building courses – check the events page for the months of June, July and August.

Or if you want to take part in the Permaculture Experience Programme – 6 weeks blocks, where you live, and work with us, learning about natural building amongst all the other things……

Permaculture Experience Programme

We have launched the dates of 5 blocks for the coming year, where folks can come and learn theory and practice the skills needed for off-grid living, informed by permaculture principles.


Dates for the 6 week blocks are:

Block 1: 26th Feb – 8th April

Block 2: 23rd April – 3rd June

Block 3: 25th June – 5th August

Block 4: 27th August – 7th October

Block 5: 15th Oct – 25th November


For the full volunteer pack follow this link to a PDF. There is a description of what you will learn in each block.

During the PEP you will be immersed in learning about sustainable and simple living; practicing skills connected to the garden and the structures; opportunities for consulting the resource library; chances for personal development in the midst of a loving community – and free time to enjoy the interesting walks, avail of the growing network of like-minded people in the area, or simply take a step out of your day to day routine. Our educational philosophy is a mixture of us sharing our knowledge, formally and informally, depending on the task – but we are often about ‘learning by doing’.

You will be required to fill in the application form and the liability form.

Get in touch for if you have any queries after reading the information pack!

We are excited to host these programmes this year!