The Mount of Oaks/Monte dos Carvalhos is the original name given to the piece of land where the community can be found.  Hidden in the agricultural lands below the Serra de Gardunha mountains, we are situated between the historic villages of Castelo Novo, Alpedrinha and Pova de Atalaia in the municipality of Fundão. Our nearest bigger cities are Covilhã to the north and Castelo Branco to the south.



Our nearest train station is Alpedrinha and there is a direct route to Lisbon. The journey takes about 4 ½ hours and on average costs 17E. There are ‘faster’ trains to Fundão – there are times when we can co-ordinate lifts from there, but we ask a little money to cover the extra costs of fuel! You can arrive by train from Porto to Alpedrinha. There is a change required, it takes longer than coming by bus, but it is still possible.

For details about the train services in Portugal check http://www.cp.pt There is a button to switch to English.



There is an international and national bus station in our local market town of Fundão. For people coming from Porto, there are buses to Fundão and then a connection to Alpedrinha via train. From Porto to Fundão takes 4 hours by coach, there are several services daily. The buses leave from BATALHA, close to SAO BENTO metro station. To arrive with us the same day, you are best to catch a bus around 10am or 2pm.

From the Sete Rios bus terminal in Lisbon you can also take a coach to Fundão – again at least 4 buses a day. We prefer if you take the earlier buses and if you can co-ordinate the bus and trains so they can arrive in Alpedrinha train station.

Check the bus website for travel within Portugal http://www.rede-expressos.pt/  This too has an option for English.

By car/camper van/hitch-hiking

If you are coming from Lisbon or Porto, and taking the motorway allow approximately 2 1/2 hours for the trip. Madrid is 4 about 4 hours away by car.

On the A23 you want to take the exit for CASTELO NOVO/ ALPEDRINHA. Follow the directions ALPEDRINHA- ESTAÇÃO CAMINHO FERRO… 

You will come to a T-junction onto the N18, there you turn LEFT towards  Alpedrinha.

After about a couple of hundred meters you will pass several houses on your right – after these there are some post boxes. Slow down and start indicating to the right as you want the next right turn.  There is an old abandoned building just before the track.

So you know you are turning at the correct track – also look out for a triangle warning sign for animals crossing….


From this turn onto the dirt track, getting to the land might take about 15 mins as you will be going slowly due to the condition of the road and enjoying the scenery!


DSCF0014 DSCF0016

From now on you are following these blue signs to direct the path.

There is a Portuguese rule which says, where there is no sign, just keep going straight. However, whenever there is an option for two roads the sign will show the way.

DSCF0022 DSCF0024

You can park your car up top on the right under the eucalyptus trees and walk the rest – or if your vehicle is up for it, carry on down, and then up to the second parking places.


You will probably find us in the common areas – next to the stone kitchen, the garden or up by the pond. We ask you get in touch before you arrive.