Become a Member?!

For those who are interested in participating in the life of Mount of Oaks by becoming a member of the White Stone Association – click here to fill out the online form.

By becoming part of the association you have the opportunity to participate more fully in the Mount of Oaks project, promoting and benefiting from the activities developed.

You also are supporting a model for a low-impact lifestyle and grounded spirituality that serves as hope for those wanting to practice simplicity, locally and further afield.

Aims of the association:

The association has the aims of promoting health and personal, social, spiritual and ecological well-being through contact with nature. The association is both multicultural and multilingual.

Our main goals are:
* Creation of a collaborative spaces to promote social, economic and spiritual well being, local economy initiatives, community gatherings and educational opportunities.

* Model and educate about the advantages of a ‘simple lifestyle’ and raise awareness of current environmental issues.

* Promote healthy choices for the consumption and production of local, organic produce.

* Encourage rural ‘ecological educational tourism’ in a sustainable manner, respecting the cultural and local resources.

* Offering accommodation in naturally construction buildings and basic natural camping facilities.

* Promote intercultural collaboration.

Our AGM will be 11th March – and drop us an email if you are interested in joining!