Celebration of Generosity: Festa das Papas

This annual festival in Povoa de Atalaia is probably my favourite ‘festa’ in the region. A celebration of the Saint Sebastian and a gathering that exemplifies all that is rich and beautiful about this village!

Every year different families take the role of planting and harvesting and then distributing the ‘blessed porridge’ to the rest of the villagers. It is a great sight to see the parade of the plates carrying the ‘Papas’ from the Mass to the little chapel where is is distributed…

Usually it is men from the household who wander in the crowd giving the magical porridge. The ceremonial aspect is hightened by the fact they wear an ornate embroidered white cloth over one shoulder and take each gift from under the cloak!

This year I didn’t take the best snaps as I was busy chatting to the neighbours!!! If I find links to blogs from the old site, I will post them here!





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