Cool Carpentry

It is pretty hard to begin to describe the transformations inside the kitchen – the hours of labour (of love, I am told) that has gone into the making of the cupboards! Every board needed sanding, measuring, cutting, treating with linseed oil, fixed into place….

But the result of this handmade kitchen is beautiful.

The handles are pieces of olive wood from the land, the drawers planks saved from the yurt floor where Lyna’s yurt lived for a while on the top terrace….new and old mixed.


Ba did most of the work herself, but she was also grateful for the input of Eric and Judith. Eric did a great work with the electrics – bringing light to the new counter area…

Notes made on scrap pieces of wood remind me of how my dad used to work!!

All is all, the work has been slow and steady and we HOPE to move in tomorrow….there are a team of people willing to come and help – which is super. A community work for a community kitchen!

More snaps to follow….

If you are interested in learning more about natural building – Barbara is teaching several courses this year….

TRADITIONAL TECHNIQUES OF NATURAL BUILDING… 8 day COURSE and community experience, taught by Barbara Da Nova Leite, founder at Mount of Oaks, with 10 years experience on Permaculture Design Implementation and Natural Building…

Two different options for 2018 : – a Tiny House building at the Rural Tourism “Quinta da Fonte” or a 200m2 Community House at “Keela Yoga Permaculture Farm”.
Same program, different challenges .

Only 500€ with all meals, camping facilities ( or other accommodation with extra fees), a Pdf Manual with all the notes for each technique and an unique experience that might just transform your life

19-26 may – Tiny House at Quinta da Fonte
9-16 June – 200m2 Community House at Keela Yoga Farm
30 June- 7 July – 200m2 Community House at Keela Yoga Farm
4-11 August – 200m2 Community House at Keela Yoga Farm

For more info – check the workshop page.

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