Foraging Fun

Last week Keela Yoga Farm hosted a superb day workshop on the topic of foraging for wild greens with Raquel from Awakened Life Project.  It was a super success and lots of forgaing fun!

In the morning Raquel explained how to use the senses to get to know the leaves. She guided a meditation with eyes closed, using smell and touch to begin to feel the plants. She encouraged the connection with each plant that you pick from and that in general younger leaves are more tender and more active.

Then participants walked around the farm and collected 3 greens we want to learn about, or we think were edible. Then each was discussed, one at a time and passed them round. It was very slow, but it made it much easier to learn and take notes than when we were walking around.

It was super to be a group learning together – asking questions and sharing the knowledge that we already had about each plant. Getting a handle on the Portuguese names for the plants was my primary aim for the day – and I came away with a few important insights.

After a beautiful grounding yoga practice, lead by Kimberly, we enjoyed a delicious lunch – complemented by a huge bowl of freshly harvested wild greens!!

In the afternoon we took a walk with Raquel around the land, foraging for more salad and looking for ingredients for a wild green dish we would learn how to prepare later!

As we walked we were able to put our new knowledge of the plants into action, and continue to ask questions of Raquel. I learned that the leaves of the wild calendula are edible, which I didnt know before!

After an extensive wander around Keela collecting greens, we gathered in the kitchen to learn how to transform these yummy leaves into an even ‘yummyer’ side dish – ‘esparregado’

Between chopping and asking questions, the afternoon sessions passed quickly! For me personally it was an informative day. And yet the biggest reflection was that of having the confidence to trust what I ALREADY know of the plant world.

Kimberly and Laurence were super hosts, and it is likely they will organise another workshop with Raquel in October. For info on the October Food Forest Course, Natural Building Courses or Yoga retreats at their place – check their website for more details.