Formation of new Association!

This is the ‘juice’ from the meeting of the group seeking to create an association, ‘Associação de Produtores Biológicos’ on 12th October in Fundao.

Those present were: Miguel Fiadeiro, Eric, Emma, Manuela Matias, Paulo Pais, Catarina Penim, Ricardo Rodrigues, Alexandre Silva, Hugo Madeira, Vasco Rolão Preto, Nuno Pais, Samuel Freire e Francisco Dinis.


The association wants to be a platform for Organic Producers in the region of Beira Interior for those who share the following values:

ecological and sustainable methods of production- whether Organically Certified in the initial stage or not.

– a spirit of cooperation between the producers.
– farms with a spirit of openness for visits with the aim of connecting producers and consumers.

– valuing and contributing to the local economy.

– focusing initiatives in Beira Interior
Goals of the Associação are:
a) Participation and organising: fairs, markets, seminars, gatherings and other events that promote organic agriculture.
b) Creating strategic public and private partnerships to promote the produce of the associates in the marketplace.
c) Developing links for commercial and technical support in organic production for the associates.

d) Promote and help to market/sell the products of the associated including: agriculture, livestock, forestry and ‘agro industrial’ (eg mushrooms)

e) Organise trainings and awareness raising about Organic Agriculture.

Name of the Associação:
So far this is not defined – however Catarina Penim e Francisco Dinis will go to the ‘Conservatória do Registo Comercial do Fundão’, to create the associação – but before they need to check the name available – eg already not in use by another entity.

There needs to be a space where the meetings and the ‘headquaters’ of the association will be located. In the initial phase the suggestion is to ask the Câmara do Fundão for a place.
Costs of set-up of the Associação: The costs will be shared between the founding members of the association

Next steps:

1. There will be an email with questions – like a survey to collect opinions/ideas. The final date for replying to these is 30th Oct. 
2.There will be a meeting on 31st Oct in Fundão to approve the final proposal of the a Associação, the location of the association, the date of the 1st AGM, and recording the founding members. Also at that meeting to be agreed are the ‘workings’ of the association – eg, who will be the president, the secretary and treasurer etc.

3. Creation of the Associação  will be the beginning of November.

4. The first AGM will be in November, with an election for the posts that are required legally. The plan of activities will also be presented.
Bem Haja! Thank you