Grief and Gratitude Ritual


7-10th May 2020

Transform Grief into Gratitude – The residues of grief remain in that silent territory of isolation; and inconvenience to the demands and pace of the life we find ourselves in, waiting for a shared acknowledgement, an invitation that does not often arrive. Grief is a natural gift of the human condition, guiding us towards healing, reconciliation and forgiveness. In time it can open a deep well of gratitude connecting us more heart/fully to those we love. We will host a special experience facilitated by Kedar S Brown at the Mount of Oaks. During the weekend we will deepen our connection to the natural world, gather and share the stories of grief from our lives and bring them together in ritual space for respect, honoring and release.

This Indigenous African Grief Ritual offers a soul cleansing rite to release grief, lighten our soul and let our true spirit be heard, deepening our sense of balance and fulfillment. From the indigenous perspective, grief is not only for the living community, it is also a source of sustenance for and connection to the ancestors. Our communal tears will flow as a river from this world to the other as an offering that activates connection and healing in both worlds. In order to apply, follow this link for those in the States  and this link for those in Europe

We had a really beautiful conversation with Kedar with folks considering to join the ritual – and this can be watched here……

 To read about the full experience from the perspective of a participant,  a piece entitled ‘Where there is great pain, there was great love before’ click here. It is really worth reading about his transformational journey.

To watch Kedar speak about the ritual, welcome to check out this youtube video.