Happy 2024

This is a quick note to share that our new season is about to start and we are super excited about it…

We haven´t got much time to seat in front of a screen to write and share anything about our past cycle, or share some ideas for this new cycle, but we will get into it on next posts coming soon.

I just wanted to share briefly a review from one of our previous interns on the 3 month Apprenticeship from June to September 2023, and if you or someone you know is still interested to enroll on our next block starting on the 12th February, find the link to all details here: https://mountofoaks.org/volunteering/

And this is the link to the registration form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ZF2JqWYAAzwuNQWe3p2Q_P_FehWwj0pR3HMWYAqT3zk/edit

Here´s Max´s review of his own experience with us 🙂

” Before coming to Moo, I was looking for a place where I would be able to learn more about permaculture. I was traveling around and had the real will to go deeper being able to practicing the different skills required by the permaculture approach.

At the same time, I wanted to be surrounded by people with a good understanding of spirituality and some everyday discipline.

Mount of Oaks was a perfect match. Step by step, day after day, during the three months of my stay, we learned and practiced together with humility and determination.

I have been able to grow spiritually, taking advantage of the extraordinary vibrations of the place. First, we learned how to make a propre permaculture design. Then, we worked on different projects which were necessary to keep the system in function : irrigation system, new beds of different types to experiment.

Getting in touch with the people in the villages nearby was also extremely pleasant. Walking around and discovering nature and historical places was a great way to connect with the local and Portuguese culture.

Overall, it was the best experience I had so far as a volunteer. It did go much further than expected. I’m grateful to be part of Mount of Oaks and can’t wait to come back to enjoy again and share the good vibration of the singing circle.”

A lot of gratitude to Max, Raymundo and Tomás who were with us during this intense 3 months… What a great team ! Special thanks to Tomás who stayed on and allowed me and Emma to go in December to visit our family in Angola and get some rest for the year ahead. This was very precious as we haven´t got this kind of time out for many years.

May 2024 brings us more clarity about our role, our function, our passions and our callings in this life in this time in history.