Herbal Yoga … with Daisy May

HERBAL YOGA every 1st Sunday from the 5th FEBRUARY 2023

with Daisy May at the Mount of Oaks (Castelo Novo-Fundão)

Limited to 12 people

We will let the chosen herb of the workshop guide our themes as we work with sensory observation, herb tasting, meditation and breath work.

We will then dip into our intuition, our innate knowing to get to know and understand a plant a little deeper.

Each month will be honouring a different herb. Giving the space for us to go a little deeper than usual to really get to know the individual magic of a plant.

Following what we have learnt & explored with the plant we will go into a 75 minute hatha yoga class.

This class will be carefully weaved through the qualities of the specific herb.

Rhythm of the day

9.45 Arrival

10am Circle getting to know the plant

11.45 Hatha Yoga.

1Pm Closing the circle

Remember spaces are limited to 12.

If you would like to know more or you would like to book a spot please feel free to WhatsApp/ Telegram: +447557968867 or email me on daisymayhatton@hotmail.co.uk

Just exchange :

Early bird €20 (until January 5th)

Low income: €25

Midincome €30

High income: €40

Hosted by Daisy May @rewildingmedicine

At the beautiful Mount of Oaks, Castelo Novo – Fundão. www.mountofoaks.org

Dates: The first Sunday of every Month from the 5th Febuary until the 1st October.

About our guide :

Daisy May is a qualified Hatha/ Vinyasa teacher, Naturopath and training Herbalist.

Creator of “Herbal Yoga”, a concept of weaving two of her passions, the worlds of herbalism and yoga. Living on land in Portugal, practising permaculture and herbalism has lead Daisy into a desire to work deeply with uprooting forgotten knowledge and wisdom of plants as medicine.

“Herbal yoga is a holistic combination of herbalism and yoga. It allows us to see that when we work with our bodies & breath we are receptive and ready to learn from the powers of the plant”.