Kitchen renovation!

IMG_3384 Last week we began the EPIC mission of clearing out the inside of the kitchen and starting to make some needed improvements.

In this year where we are celebrating our 10th Anniversary it is really fitting to be going back to the original structure which holds SO many MEMORIES for the wider Mount of Oaks community.

Stripping back the shelves, taking everything out to prepare for power washing the walls showed us just how beautiful the space actually is! The simple stone building has a lot of character.

The floor came off too……


and then Barbara had a lot of fun with the power hose outside and inside!



Power washing the floor boards – with ‘safety goggles’!!

Next task was to make a temporary kitchen outside…..


This week we will work on cobbing the walls – we will keep updating with the progress of the kitchen. If you feel to donate a few euros towards the project, click on this link to see how to do that.

We are entering a new season, while appreciating all that has gone before!