May in May!

Friendship is such a thing that you don’t need to see one another for a number of years, but the connection is still there! Deep and strong! That was what we felt when we welcomed May for the first time to MoO this May.

She stayed in the caravan house, where Marcia, Eric and Samuel lived – she made herself a nest in there and relaxed. She participated in the silent retreat, and said it was a great way for her to arrive – then the rest of the week was for laughter, swinging in the hammock, book and poetry reading, painting and walking. We chatted a lot, shared tears and cups of tea.

This was one of her offerings….

May even cooked a meal for 2 pilgrims walking the Camino de Santiago! And helped me host a group of journalist students from Lisbon who came to interview us for a project connected to the Journal do Fundao!!

Love you dear lady and look forward to you coming back – maybe bringing that husband with you next time!