Creative Retreats

Upcoming unique experiences at the Mount of Oaks…

4-10th September

The Eye of the Wind comes when you least expect it – it soars over the mountain – to guide you on a different kind of path. A window into another world and a new way of seeing. This gathering is about receiving messages to other dimensions and allowing nature to speak to us. Using the symbology of the winds as a messenger between humans and the spirit world – the channel between the personal and the transpersonal. The process will explore how we can tune our inner voice to guide the journey of our spirit within the landscape of current global perspectives.

To apply, please email us We will then send you a short application form. For more information – see the event description, and the website for the hosts.

Here are a few word from a previous participant….

“Every time I smell a blanket or a sweater I wore during our time together at the mount of oaks a deep calm and a fire-earthness light by an orange and a lemon comes over me. I am so grateful for our time together. For the insights into the other women’s emotions, hesitations and dreams. For our shared laughter and tears. Your and all our wisdom and the courage that emerges in this togethering. This time it has been a lot about accepting my own gifts, stars and foundations. The ancestors have moved to the background, i took center stage and fully enjoyed it. As last time I had met my dragon, this time the eagle came – literally: it followed my words, flew with me over the lake and called me to the oaks bearing its offspring. I feel blessed. And I love you and your work dearly.” – Residency participant


19-22nd September

Transform Grief into Gratitude – The residues of grief remain in that silent territory of isolation; and inconvenience to the demands and pace of the life we find ourselves in, waiting for a shared acknowledgement, an invitation that does not often arrive. Grief is a natural gift of the human condition, guiding us towards healing, reconciliation and forgiveness. In time it can open a deep well of gratitude connecting us more heart/fully to those we love. We will host a special experience facilitated by Kedar S Brown at the Mount of Oaks. During the weekend we will deepen our connection to the natural world, gather and share the stories of grief from our lives and bring them together in ritual space for respect, honoring and release.

This Indigenous African Grief Ritual offers a soul cleansing rite to release grief, lighten our soul and let our true spirit be heard, deepening our sense of balance and fulfillment. From the indigenous perspective, grief is not only for the living community, it is also a source of sustenance for and connection to the ancestors. Our communal tears will flow as a river from this world to the other as an offering that activates connection and healing in both worlds. In order to apply, follow this link

 To read about the full experience from the perspective of a participant, click here. It is really worth reading about his transformational journey. If you would like to take part in a free webinar – where there is a chance to hear directly from Kedar about the ritual, to ask your questions and feel connected to others who will host the space, please register via this link


This year we will host several different types of retreats into nature.

May 3-5th 2019

August 23-25th

(Silent Retreats)

These weekend silent retreat are for inner reflection, awakening, stretching, walking, swimming, reading and massage. You will eat balanced, delicious and local food, listen to frogs as you go to bed, be woken with wonderful light, and bathe in the beauty of the wild nature that surrounds us. The land of the Mount of Oaks has hosted countless people over the 11 years who have discovered depths of themselves through journeying at this place. You will be stepping where others have tread and welcomed back to yourself, either in the silence, or through a meaningful experience.

Welcome to get in touch to register interest. Both are planned to coincide with the new moon and will be beautiful opportunities for tuning into your own inner voice.

The Weavings of Dragons Nomadic Residency and Creative Retreat

19th – 25th March

We are excited to welcome back our dear friends to host another of their extraordinary retreats. Here is a link to what they did last year. And here is a link to some of their photos.

For more information follow this link  or check the event in our agenda.