Soap Successes

Marcia and Eric recently gave two soap making workshops in Fundao and at Keela Yoga Farm. Both were well attended and empowering and fun experiences!

The participants of the Fundao workshop were mostly Portuguese, but with the wonderful Italian Rosso adding flavour and humour!!

For part of the workshop when lye is mixed with water, Eric takes the group outside ….

It was the first time that Barbara and I looked after Sammy for a full afternoon and we were loving the chance to play with the lad! We had him outside for most of the day, in the woods, eating tangerines and even playing with the steering wheel of our bus!!

Anyway, back to soap making….. At Keela Yoga Farm a group of folks taking part in the month long Food Forest Course, and our lovely neighbours Mel and Paul loved experimenting with the different smells and textures of soap…

The two most popular recipes were orange and cinnamon, and spirulina with  lemonbalm. Both were vibrant colours and smell amazing!!

For those who would like to take part in the next workshop to learn how to make natural soap, the next one will be at Mount of Oaks on 26th May.

For further details on what exactly you will learn, follow this link!

It is great to be able to be empowered to wash with soap you made yourself!!!