Under Renovations

Transforming the communal kitchen!

First steps in any renovation project begins with designs and dreams – the hope to transform the communal kitchen has been germinating for close to 11 years for Barbara. FINALLY work began to remove the current roof……

The outside washing dishes area needed to be dismantled too before tackling the main roof….

We were really blessed to have good weather while we were undertaking the dismantling and erecting of the roof!

Carefully they began to removed the heavy and cumbersome concrete sheets….

And before too long – the roof was gone and the wall exposed to the elements.

Next steps included brick and cement work. We asked help from a very experienced local builder Carlos to come and guide the process of raising the walls and preparing for the new roof to go on….


To bring the cement and the bricks from the ground the lads set up a great system…

We are raising the height of the roof and adding windows to bring in more natural light…..


Carlos, and his helper Marco came for 2 days and then left the rest of the work to Barbara and Eric to complete.

After the brick work the wooden structure to support the roof needed to be created…and then one lovely sunny Friday piece by piece the roof went on…..

Danny and Stuart came for lunch and were on hand to encourage the process.

We celebrated the fact that we got the roof on and sealed before the rains. Currently while northern Europe experiences a severe cold snaps and snowy conditions, we have RAIN! Lots of beautiful, necessary rain.

And so the kitchen is on it’s way….many more snaps to come detailing the progress of the interior to come….