White Stone AGM 2022

Hello dear Associates,

here we are once again to inform you of our yearly meeting from our Association and legal face, White Stone, which will take place at Mount of Oaks, at 5pm, on the 25th of November.

If you wish to become an Associate or renew your membership, go to our form here .

As it´s been a while since our last “Open day” and there are many new people who have moved to the area, we will have a tour of the land and natural buildings at 3pm, as well as an introduction to the White Stone Association for those who would like to know more.

As I said at 5pm we will have our Association General meeting where we will ellect the board members for the next years, and give a brief report of our year´s activities and future ideas.

After our oficial meeting we will share some food and drinks and continue having a nice celebration around our fire pit

You are more than welcome to come and participate / celebrate , If you want to become an Associate bring your 25e yearly fee and some food and drinks to share. Bring instruments if you feel like to share, and be prepared for our dear friend and neighbour DJ Kimbo from “Keela Yoga Farm” puting some nice tunes for us to dance 🙂